In our efforts to provide superior cleaning services, we strive to take those services as far as possible. Our service area is comprised of many places, including the city of Palm Springs. Like the city’s residents, we simply want to help keep it looking its best.

Cleaning Windows and Glass in the Oasis

As a resort city, Palm Springs is sometimes referred to as an oasis in the desert. Visitors and residents alike would prefer it looked the part, and we can help. We specialize in taking the dirtiest windows and making them appear new so that the view of the oasis is always clear.

We do more than windows, of course; we will handle your toughest glass-cleaning jobs. No matter the number of stories in your Palm Springs home, we’ll wash your windows both inside and out. We use safe, reliable methods of cleaning and we’ll put in as much effort as is needed. We’ll clean your windows, your shower doors, your glass screens, and more.

Ours services make life easier on our patrons. While you live your best life in Palm Springs, we’ll handle the work. This also means less risk for you; let us get on the ladder and squeegee those high windows.

…And Carpets, Too

Glass is our specialty, but we understand the need for a thorough clean of your entire home. So, we also offer carpet and upholstery cleaning, too. We’ll do more than vacuum; we’ll make your carpets look the best they have appeared in a long time. We handle tough, long-term stains, dirt, odors, pet hair and stains, and much more.

Spend your time enjoying life in Palm Springs, not cleaning up after it. Calls us to your home—we also sometimes serve businesses—and let us handle it for you. You can reach us at 760-757-7578, or 760-416-3138