We’re taking our services far out, well beyond the borders of San Diego, and into the beautiful California desert. We want to help as many people as possible avoid certain dreaded tasks, like cleaning windows. It’s a dirty job in the desert sun, but someone has to do it. So, let it be us.

Beyond the Standard Window Washing

We won’t just rinse the windows outside, or wipe down with some Windex. We aim for a better, more thorough kind of clean. We use safe, reliable products, as well as sold, old-fashioned hard work. We work to get every streak and dirty corner of your glass surfaces, including the tracks and window sills. We are not all about windows, either. We’ll tackle all your glass and parts, from screens, to chandeliers, to mirrors, outdoor lights, and beyond.

We strive you keep you out of the heat and dust so you can enjoy a cleaner, brighter home and view from it without having to worry about being responsible for it. You stay safe out of the Palm Desert sun, heat, and off the ladder, and we’ll tackle the glass on as many stories as you may have. We even sometimes handle commercial locations so that you can focus on work and not windows.

Don’t Forget, We Do Carpets, Too

We don’t stop at windows, however. If you need your carpets cleaned, too, let us know. We know how to handle your carpets in ways that go way beyond the standard vacuuming; you’ll be amazed at how we tackle your pet stains and hair, long-standing odors and stains, and potentially make it look new.

All of our cleaning methods are safe for your home, you, your children, and your pets. Call us out to your Palm Desert home or business today. Call us at 760-757-7578, or 760-416-3138