Cleaning Windows in Fall and Preparing for Winter

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Fall is here and winter is well on its way. Both seasons bring about environment changes that affect all parts of your life in some way. It’s time to start cleaning windows and clearing up the messes of falling leaves, and the dirt and grime in gutters, and window sills and tracks. You do this to prevent bigger, more lasting grime on your windows, but to be ready for potential drops in temperature over the winter.

Do a Thorough Wash

No one wants to be outside cleaning windows in the cold weather. So, do it now. If you don’t, the dirt and debris will collect, and possible gather moisture, and may freeze over the winter. This can cause scratches on your windows, too. For big window washing jobs, hire a professional to clean them before the temperatures start dropping.

Leaks and Sealing

A cold draft can prevent you from getting warm and comfortable when it’s cold outside. Drafts are not only annoying, they can throw off your home’s overall temperature and affect your utility bills. As you clean your windows, check for leaks and escaping, or incoming air. You can use a candle to sense small drafts. Have any leaks you may find sealed immediately so you can focus on staying warm this winter.

Other Problems

As you clean and check for leaks, you may discover other problems. Do not wait until spring to fix those. Even if you have to apply temporary solutions to get you through the winter, do something immediately. You do not want cold weather, frost, ice, and other related problems to worsen whatever issue you find; it may only cost you more to fix, later.

We clean your windows so that you don’t have to, and that includes preparing them for winter. Call American Window today and schedule your pre-winter window cleaning.

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Try a Professional Sofa Cleaning for Your Old Couch

November 26, 2017 | Posted in American Window Cleaning | By

Do you ever look at your sofa and wish you could replace it because it’s so old, or dirty? Investing in a new sofa is often expensive, and so you may be avoiding the purchase and trying to ignore how filthy your sofa seems to you. There is another option, however–professional sofa cleaning.

Professional Sofa Cleaning

You can have a much cleaner sofa with the help of professional cleaners. Unless your sofa is in the worst possible condition, most old, dirty couches can be cleaned and made to appear almost new. Professional cleaners can take your filthy sofa and deep clean it. Though well-used sofas take some of the hardest abuse of all furniture in our lives and collect a lot of dirt, dust, and more, this filth can be overcome by a thorough professional clean.

Professionals will perform what measures are needed to clean your sofa thoroughly, but also safely so as not to cause damage. A dry vacuuming picks up dust on and near the surface of the sofa. Professionals have powerful vacuums that reach places yours may not.

Once the sofa is vacuumed, it can be cleansed with water and a cleaning solution. Getting a piece of furniture wet can cause additional damage, which is why it is best to let the professionals handle it. Your technician can wash the sofa and then dry it with tools that extract the moisture better than you might be able to with your standard materials.

Once the sofa is cleaned, a protective coating is often applied to protect it from further stains. Then, you no longer have your comfy old couch; you have your clean, comfy old couch. At American Window and Carpet Cleaning, we do more that windows and carpets. We’ll tack your upholstery and sofa, too. Calls us today and let us renew your old couch.

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The Basics of Carpet Stain Defense

October 12, 2017 | Posted in American Window Cleaning | By

Stains are among the top concerns for carpet owners. Sometimes, the very possibility of those stains puts people off owning carpets at all. That is why carpet manufacturers advertise carpet stain defense. There are a number of protection brands on the market—Scotchguard, Teflon, etc. The question is: do they work?

They’re not magic.

It is important to understand that, like any other service or product, carpet protection is never perfect. It only works well if it is applied and used properly. Protects work by clinging to the carpet or upholstery fibers. It is meant to form a soft coating so that the carpet’s texture and feel isn’t affected. While the protection can be very helpful, the softness creates a downside, too; the coating will not last forever and it’s only helpful to a degree.

Carpet stain defense works by creating a barrier between liquids and other things that may stain, and the carpet. It gives you more time to blot and clean. Your carpet can still be stained if the spill is left too long, and liquids can still affect it. The stain, however, will probably not be permanent, or as difficult to clean, assuming you reach it within a reasonable amount of time.

Some liquids might even bead on the surface, depending upon their density, which makes for very easy cleanup. Overall, carpet stain defense can be a great addition to your carpet. Some carpets come with it, others you must apply yourself. For the best results, you should reapply as often as is recommended by the manufacturer.

Have stains make it past your carpet’s defense. Call us at American Window and Carpet Cleaning.

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Keeping Windows Clean When Professionals Aren’t Around

September 29, 2017 | Posted in American Window Cleaning | By

If people could afford to hire a professional to keep up with all cleaning tasks at their homes every single day, they might. However, most people cannot. That is why they hire someone when they can, and do the rest themselves between visits. So, for those days when you have to keep those windows clean on your own, here are some tips.

Find a cleaning solution that works for you.

Often, different people swear by different products. Some claim that the standard, well-known brands of glass cleaner work well for them. Others love vinegar, and other home-made, natural cleaners. You should use whatever makes you comfortable and does the job to your satisfaction.

Get a good squeegee.

Though cloth and paper towels, and even newspaper will make your windows look a bit better with the right solution, they can still leave streaks and residue. A good squeegee is often more useful. It also requires less work on your part; rather than rubbing up and down, back and forth, and in circles, you can get almost every drop off the glass with a single swipe, and then move to the next part of the window.

Clean other parts of the window.

Dirt travels, and when you clean your window, there will be wet corners and crevices full of dirt and debris. Make certain to clean those areas, too. It will help your freshly cleaned windows remain that way longer.

Start with a professional clean.

If you do need to clean your windows between visits from a professional cleaner, the job will be much easier for you if your windows started out with a professional clean. The more thoroughly you clean your windows, the longer they will remain so. When the time comes for an intense, lasting clean, call us at American Window. We know how to give you a truly great clean that will leave you with little to nothing to clean until our next visit.

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Preparing for Professional Carpet Cleaners

September 13, 2017 | Posted in American Window Cleaning | By

American Window and Carpet CleaningAll carpets need a thorough clean from time-to-time. Vacuuming regularly helps, as does removing stains, but to be truly clean, your carpets need a professional clean that standard, store bought cleaners simply cannot offer. However, merely making the call and waiting may not be enough for you to get the full effect of the professional clean.

Before professional cleaners arrive, consider performing some tasks to aid the process.

Professional cleaners like us at American Window and Carpet will clean your carpets to depths beyond the normal dirt and stains. It helps, however, if you start by doing some basic vacuuming beforehand. Running over your carpets removes top layers of dirt and debris, which means that the professionals’ clean will be that much more thorough.

As you vacuum, look for problem areas that may need addressing. In addition to taking note of these spots, make them as accessible as possible. The cleaners may move items if necessary, but will do their best not to disrupt the layout of your house. So, arrange furniture and such so that it’s easy for the cleaners to reach hidden spots. You may also want to consider moving the less heavy items to a part of the house that is not to be cleaned so that they’ll be entirely out of the way.

Also, pick up any clutter, such as toys, equipment, etc. Put away an items that may fall if their shelves are accidentally bumped. If drapes or upholstery trails onto the carpet, lift them up and out of the way. This not only makes the cleaning easier, but it also prevents upholstery from picking up carpet dampness.

Let us give your carpet that in-depth clean. Call us at American Window and Carpet, and we’ll tell you how to prepare for the cleanest carpets you’ve ever had.

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Invest in a Squeegee for Your Windows

August 31, 2017 | Posted in American Window Cleaning | By

Window cleaning is not a favorite chore for many. However, like most household chores, it must be done. While hiring professional window cleaners saves you time and ensures the job is well-done, you cannot have them coming to your home every time a single window gets a smudge. Therefore, it’s a good idea to invest in a reliable squeegee.

The squeegee is a small tool that makes the process of cleaning windows, and glass in general, much easier. Rather than having multiple towels for washing, wiping, and drying, just wet and go. Instead of working your arm to dry what may amount to a lot of windows, or other glass surfaces, just run the squeegee over the glass, dry it, and do the same to the next section.

Not all squeegees are made equal, of course. You want something small enough to fit the glass space, but large enough to cover enough space so that you have to make fewer passes. If you have a lot of windows and glass of varying sizes, you may want to consider owning more than one for different cleaning jobs. If your windows are high, consider an extending handle.

The blade should be a good combination of firm and flexible, and should slide easily. Most cleaning solutions are not a problem for squeegee materials. However, it cannot hurt to check.

Of course, another great thing about having a great squeegee is that it’s not expensive. It’s a small, useful household tool that also happens to be affordable. You never know when a good squeegee may come in useful.

When our American Window team comes to your home, we bring the best tools for the job. We want to make sure that not only are your windows and other glass items spotless, but they stay that way as long as possible. Invest in a good squeegee for the in-between days, and then call us when you need a complete clean.

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Controlling Allergens in Your Home Upholstery

August 3, 2017 | Posted in American Window Cleaning | By

American Window and Carpet CleaningDust buildup is another one of those common, very pesky problems that all homeowners face. It’s so common that many people procrastinate and let the dust build up, or hire someone else to dust so that they can avoid the task. It is understandable because dust is more than unsightly; it can trigger allergies and asthma attacks. Allergens are in this dust. So, if you’re struggling with allergies in your home, consider that dust might be an issue.

The common methods for controlling dust often aren’t enough. It always comes back and it sometimes does so quickly if you’re living with certain common household items. Carpet, for example, is like a magnet for dust. You can vacuum every day, but carpet will always contain more particles that your super vacuum can pick up, and it collects more every day. If you truly want to control allergens, hard floors are better. It is much easier to dust with a dry mop and pick up those allergens. If you still want something soft under your step, try smaller area rugs that can be washed. This makes cleaning much easier.

Upholstery makes handling allergens difficult, too. Drapes not only collect dust, they trap it. To be rid of the problem, you would need to vacuum and wash your drapes regularly. Blinds and rolling shades are easier to clean; you can just wipe them down.

Anything that makes dust easy to wipe up is good for controlling allergens. You want to dust as often as possible. Make sure and do a dry dusting first, then wipe with a moist cloth, but nothing too damp. If you have allergic reactions, try wearing a mask while you work; vacuuming and dusting can stir things up in the air, sometimes. You can also try an air filter and cleanser. They are automatic tools that sometimes make a significant difference.

Of course, whatever fabric or furniture is in your home, you don’t have to give it up to be clean. Call us at American Window and Carpet Cleaning. We can handle your windows, carpets, upholstery, and more.

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Tips to Keep Bugs Out of Your Screen Windows

July 28, 2017 | Posted in American Window Cleaning | By

Of the details that keep you cleaning your windows and all their parts, filthy, dead bugs are among the most disturbing. No one wants to clean these out of their screen windows; they fall and get caught in the grooves, making a dirty mess.Window Washing So, how can you keep those bugs from finding their way into the window and leaving a heap for you to clean? Try these tips:

Insect Repellent: You can always purchase an insect repellent made for hard surfaces around your home. There is a variety of options, including those made of organic materials, if that is a concern for you. They give off odors that repel the insects so that they don’t want to go near the window. For some, you may need to apply the spray regularly.

Citronella Oil: You know citronella oil as that substance in many mosquito-repelling candles. You can buy this natural oil in bulk and apply it around your windows, and to the screens as a safe, scented repellent. Many bugs hate the smell and will stay away. The smell is strong, even for you, and so you will have to sure that you like it, or can get used to it.

Common Precautions: Bugs are attracted to all sorts of things around your home. Make sure and cover any trash cans you have near, or in your home. Avoid leaving pet food and residue out, and remember that standing water breeds mosquitoes and attracts other bugs. Keeping your windows clean also helps prevent more bugs.

That is where we come in. If you’re struggling to keep bugs away from your windows and their screens, and are left with piles of dead insects with which to contend, call American Window and Carpet Cleaning. We’ll clean it, bugs and all, so that you don’t have to.

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American Window Cleaning

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At American Window Cleaning in San Diego, the beauty of your windows is our pride and joy! Simple, clean, and elegant, window cleaning can make the shining difference to your home’s appearance and upkeep. We wash your windows by hand and use professional tools for sparkling clean results. Our window washers are licensed, bonded, insured and professional. Left un-cleaned, buildup from pollen, pollution, and runoff can work its way into window sills and interfere with proper opening and closing of windows. Leave it for too long, and that buildup could begin to break down the seal around the framing, allowing water and grime to get between the window panes. American Window Cleaning uses safe, eco-friendly cleaning solutions with minimal runoff to efficiently and thoroughly clean interior and exterior windows on all one and two story buildings. Besides our professional window cleaning, we offer carpet & upholstery cleaning, as well as tile cleaning and power washing.

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