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At American Window Cleaning in San Diego, the beauty of your windows is our pride and joy! Simple, clean, and elegant, window cleaning can make the shining difference to your home’s appearance and upkeep. We wash your windows by hand and use professional tools for sparkling clean results. Our window washers are licensed, bonded, insured and professional. Left un-cleaned, buildup from pollen, pollution, and runoff can work its way into window sills and interfere with proper opening and closing of windows. Leave it for too long, and that buildup could begin to break down the seal around the framing, allowing water and grime to get between the window panes. American Window Cleaning uses safe, eco-friendly cleaning solutions with minimal runoff to efficiently and thoroughly clean interior and exterior windows on all one and two story buildings. Besides our professional window cleaning, we offer carpet & upholstery cleaning, as well as tile cleaning and power washing..